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Abby - Sat March 05th - United States

Link: WikiNut article

Link: Halloween Gans

(Cu, Ag, Au, Mg, I, sugar, distilled water, dead sea salt, about 100 grams so far)

I have made 12 coils to produce 3 double rings (stack). The long coils are 162 turns. The short coils are 81 turns. They are very dark black after soaking 36 hours, first 24 hours in NaOH now 18 hours in KOH and I will post photos and send them to this address if you like.

I would like to make a second ganz before I choose a coating for my coils. I did use 14 gauge bare dead soft wire. I did twist counterclockwise. I did it by hand not with a drill. I used a candy timer shaft and a screwdriver.

Gans 2 will have: nanocoated Cu and Pb (lead), Zn (zinc), W (tungsten), Au (gold) also in the caustic to get as many nano Au particles as possible. Gold wire is on the way and will be added to the electrode. All of those elements are above Cu except Mg and Zn used as anodes to make the battery that makes plasma/gans. I will continue to search for small samples of heavy non radioactive metals I can make complex ganses with, if I understand this is one area of mutual interest.

So I am at the stage here before assembly because I have not put a first gans coat on the coils or assembled them and it will take perhaps a week to get that far. I have everything else I need to build a battery, a generator, capacitors, and small items like water bottles. I also made a small bracelet, the potential to make "jewelry that heals" is there.

I enjoy the lectures and hope it's more than poetic inspiration. I can say that I have not been hungry for food since I began this magrav plasma adventure. It feeds me. I also have very interesting dreams full of new people. So that's something!

I was born the same year as M.T. Keshe, in 1958, in Los Angeles but I grew up in Haifa, Israel and for awhile in Honolulu, Hawaii. We seem to be on the same channel for the past 2 weeks.

Blessings from Aloha,

Rev. Abby Jo

Halloween GaNS

Abby - Sat March 05th - United States

So maybe I am the only female doing this?

Here is the first try and there is 1/2" of GaNS in that jar now.

I am working on 99.99% pure 14 gauge 81+162 turn coils right now and I should have new photos and/or a new video soon. This video was posted on google+:

Halloween Ganz and first 2 small coils


My first plasma battery

Angelo Daul - Wed March 02nd - Romania

Hello, i send the link with the photos of making my first plasma battery/accu (2 types of them). I put the last link for my second Magravs unit updated with the last changes.

My first Magravs unit

Angelo Daul - Wed March 02nd - Romania


My name is Angelo Daul, I am from Romania and I began the construction of
my first Magravs unit. I shared some photos of making it on my Facebook page. I send the link, hopefully it works...

Thanks for all the teachings of Mr. Keshe, I watch them all (from the 26 of November until now) and I am interested in teaching further my friends, in collaboration with the foundation from Romania.

Magravs unit with plasma capacitors

Erb - Wed March 02nd - Alex VA, US

Another video from Erb.

VT integrated power unit

Vic Tanev - Wed March 02nd - Sydney, NSW, Australia

This is my second stage or process of integrating another x2 Power Units x 3 coils to my first VT Power Unit or also called 3 prophets.

Which is integration of smaller spirals not connected to main unit of operation but they are only activated by the magnetic energy induced in them.

Purpose for it is to create a GaNS for them of various masses and qualities for further research into medicinal factors or spiritual components or psychological effects.

KFSS Institute Magrav Technology 3x power units plus 3 prophets.

Transparent transportable Magravs design

Arthofer Andreas - Tue February 23rd - Austria

Hi, i have finished my second Magravs! Also building candle of peace!

Mini Magrav

Marcel Kuesters - Mon February 22nd - Germany

Hello Mr. Keshe,

we have talked in the 94 Knowledge Seekers Workshop about my Magrav and then speak about my coil designs for a mini Magrav.

Here are pictures of the measurement of my Magrav.

Here i did connect a 10W Bulb for 2 Day:

This is my heater with 400, 800, 1200W:

Here you can see my setup for measuring the difference in consumption, a heater before the Magrav and a bulb and heater after the Magrav. I save 10%.

Here i did connect my Magrav to all my device in my office (PC, Printer, Sound etc.)

My first try to build a plasma battery.
and see if it will nanocoat my wires in the next month.

Here are a new design of my Mini Magrav. The coils are only examples, because i am a shift worker so i have not to much time to build every time the complete coils.

Editor note: Images below are generated automatically and are the same as those above.

Pictures of the Keshe Magravs device creation

Cori and Anaya - Mon February 22nd - Calgary, Alberta, Canada

To The Keshe Foundation!! Thank you all so much for all the ongoing support and information which has made this possible.

The following is our progress report on our creation of the Plasma Device. We have built 5 stackers and many capacitors so far and are wanting to start on a 5 stacker now. We have one in a home and two in cars with plans for the other two also in homes. We are Cori Ellingson and Anaya Lea, based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Two weeks sfter the unit was installed in our friend's home, we could see by using the non contact circuit tester, that the field around the wires of the house grew from 6 inches to 18 inches and we could see the field advancing from room to room. Also, the field around the unit began at 6 inches and grew to 2.5 to 3 feet. This has been very exciting to observe.

These pictures tell the story of our creation of the plasma devices for homes, cars and health.

Picasa web album

Video of stripping the copper wire:

Winding the copper coils:

Testing the field at the house where the first device was installed:

Many Blessings of Peace
Cori and Anaya

Universal total power/health/food unit

Vic Tanev - Mon February 22nd - Sydney, Australia

hi my name is Vic Tanev, currently in Sydney, AUSTRALIA
First (1): thank you to Mr Keshe and his foundation i just received my car Unit, just the biggest surprise for my birthday .

Second: (2) I 've come up with this unit that i am describing in the file i m sending to you as a block diagram,
that the unit can be used for many functions and purposes.
i was about to make a video for the Insurance company for what i m creating so i can get insured as Aussie public tend to complain about anything. (i was creating video for the Pen), so i come up with this project also that is what i am sending you.

Plasma Battery v2.2

Nazim Aksu - Mon February 22nd -

Dear Blue Print Team,
Here is the second Plasma Batterie multimeter showing 2.2v


Plasma Energy Design

Keith Kircher - Mon February 22nd -

Here is a link to the video i posted on utube for my theoretical Plasma Reactor/Motor design concept. I am currently a student of the foundation.

GaNS for tetrahedron

Markerb - Thu February 18th - Erb, Alex. Va USA

Connecting Magravs

Pedro Santos Silva - Thu February 18th - Portugal

Magravs radio show

Tomasz Dubij - Thu February 18th - London, UK


My name i i was born in Poland and live in and I am owner of small Independent internet radio operating in Polish language Also i do my own Magrav and health pens for my friends and start build small community to deliver that much pens and magravs how this is possible. Together with my friend we close now to start small Magraw production line here in London.

I'm fully lost in Keshe foundation technology. They stolen my heart and mind.
I was made 2 podcast to promote this technology 3 month ago. Feedback from listeners was amazing and because 2 years ago i was made series of podcast about free energy, where i'm talk a lot of about Keshe Foundation and other technology what we call free energy technology things. Series name is "Synteza" witch mind "Synthesis" in English. Link to podcast:

The current episodes [Both episodes are in Polish: Editor] Polishabout Keshe Foundation:

And now is time to me spread the knowledge to Polish in full scale because it lacks of translations and many people are confuse, and they dont get what is about this story. Just now got bunch of emails from many people with many questions. So it's time for me share the knowledge with all my listeners. With is around between 20.000 and 30.000 people monthly and still growing.

Of course i got strange emails after when first podcast about this technology was published. "Someone" try persuade me to don't do this, even tried hack radio chat and website without any success. Was funny observe how "system" works and tried to stop me to share this knowledge.

Any way, they only speed up my decision about start new series of podcast dedicated to Keshe Foundation technology. And i would like to inform Foundation about this new show coming soon in polish language. I start in next Thursday on 21:30 UK time.

Buy the way I'm the guy who done this drawing about how to connect Magraw coil and now i like to do more drawings, about pens, capacitors and generally about all system. Just to help share knowledge to others in visual way.

So i will start new podcast in next week, gonna be big fun :)

A big thanks to Mr. Keshe and every one from Foundation.
Is just amazing got this opportunity! Thank you guys!
We are all working on this together.

With Peace & Love
Tomasz Dubij


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