Special Announcement

Please visit the Keshe foundation Austria plasma energy website, which was featured in the 103rd Knowledge Seekers Workshop (watch on YouTube at this time mark).

Blueprint Constructions: People's Creations

Experimental Time Machine

Vic Tanev - Mon April 04th - Sydney, NSW, Australia

Only Experimental Time Machine

Please see/download document file here: Time Machine Document

Healing Tube for Muscle and Nerve Problems

Vic Tanev - Fri April 01st - Sydney, NSW, Australia

Vic's healing tube for muscles problems and nerve problems,
plus a Cross,a Body Cross as a Living energy/plasma supplying and radiating energy system for healing purposes.

It works--100% woman built

Abby - Thu March 31st - Aloha, Oregon

Dear Keshe Foundation:

It works--100% woman built

I am willing to teach in Hebrew. I don't travel much and can't use Zoom but I can make Hebrew videos and answer questions in Hebrew.

Shalom, Salaam.

Rev. Abby Jo

Peace Crystal Star Formation

Mariusz Ferenc - Thu March 31st -

Peace Crystal Star Formation

Give Peace Another Chance

Abby - Thu March 31st - Aloha, Oregon

Dear Keshe Foundation:

46.7% savings in electricity.
More tactile response.
New video. Give Peace Another Chance

Praying for PEACE.
Expecting nothing in return other than PEACE.

Shalom, Salaam.

Rev. Abby Jo

HBPT's Conditioning Calendar

Heather Bryant - Thu March 31st -


I came up with this calendar to keep me organized with the conditioning process. i also have and xl sheet for tracking each day i will clean up to send. I followed the official manual on the foundation website in attempt to put this together. please provide any suggested input/ additions and i can change easy. I did post it on Facebook with the same info…a work in progress asking for input and changes. Mike marko also looked at it. i have received several comments i will look at also. I also o have a conscious conditioning sheet. ( ideas on how to connect /interact with the unit in etheric/telepathic/energetic ways)

Get the file here HBPT's Conditioning Calendar Document

My New Magrav

David Giraldo - Thu March 31st - Colombia

Show you my new Magrav from Colombia

A Child's Garden of Magravs

Mark Erb - Thu March 31st - Alexandria, Virginia

Stacker 1 with old type plasma battery.

Stacker 2 with old type plasma battery.

Stacker 3 with old type plasma battery.

Four Health Wand

Mika Iceland - Thu March 31st - Poland

This is my solution about Health Pen - named Health Wand of Mammy Gaja.

This is four Health Wand with Mummio - Shilajit (from Kakukaz Mountain) and Cannabis oil Core , with 3 Nano Copper coils and 2 natural coils - Bee Wax and natural coconut oil . Iiside with crystals and stones from Karpaty Mountains named : Tatry. Wand is elastic - dedicated from all people , aspecially for drivers with health prostate - cancer and lumbar spine problems.

Design and idea is inspirated from art of Weta Workshop - Richard Taylor , "LOTR" movie pictures of Peter Jackson , dravings John Howe and Allan Lee and Elfish Art ... nature , tree ...

From Polish Mountains.

The World Of Peace Love Light

Mariusz Ferenc - Thu March 31st - Poland

Nourishment for everybody

Magrav Power Unit addressed to AuGov

Vic Tanev - Thu March 31st - Sydney, NSW, Australia

Sparks Caught on Video

Abby - Thu March 31st - Aloha, Oregon

I have questions for MTK for this week, please:

1. Mr. Keshe, can you please explain what you see going on here?
2. Does reading my text posted under the video help in any way explain what is going on here?
3. It appears that new batteries were drained completely doing this one video, did the magrav do that?
4. I have a voltmeter hooked up to the 7 coil stacker ("tall stack") next to the magrav. The tall stack is sort of prayer/art and also has food and gans in separate jars next to each other (3 hex shaped jars: 1-gans; 2-raw honey; 3-organic herb).

The voltmeter hooked up to the tall stack jumps around and eventually fades because it has a screen saver. For some time this evening it appeared to be pulsing in a dot-dash sort of pattern, Morse Code perhaps. By the time I got a decoder on my computer screen to attempt to decode the message, the screen did fade out but not before "we" tried a number of times. I am wondering if it seems to think it has sent a message and maybe it did but I do not know how to take it down or type what it is pulsing, so I do not have a copy of it. What I observed after making the above video is that the voltmeter stayed on longer than it ever has before before fading. During that time, it was reading 0.000 but it was pulsing a minus sign in front of the zeros so that it was flashing quickly (dot) or flashing slowly (dash) but I am not used to taking dictation in Morse Code, so I failed to get more than nonsense. "un...vii..." something like that no complete words. Some of the letters repeated. Can anybody who knows Morse Code replicate it or contact me via this email address to coordinate via some service we can agree on? I will videotape it the very next time I can but batteries are draining so fast I cannot replace them fast enough, I will have to try to get rechargeable ones for the video camera. My Nikon (still) camera is plugged into the same circuit so that battery never drains. I'm out now, I think. See what you make out of all this. I am not avoiding you just looking for the best way to connect our minds together.

Is there something you want me to do in order to connect my stackers to your reactors and stackers? What do I have to do?

Blessings from Aloha, Oregon


Olaf C.J. Friedl - Thu March 31st -

Dear Mr. Keshe & team!

I'd like to share my latest creations with you based on your technologies.

1. New capacitors
The new capacitors do create a magnetic and gravitational field. 2 connected coils of each 18 turns clockwise and counterclockwise. You can see the making of on the pics/blueprints.

An almost empty block battery of 9 V has been totally recharged within 8 mins by three of these capacitors.

Further I connected a capacitor with an AC/DC plug and put that combination into an empty socket to speed up the coating of our house's power supply lines.
The MaGravs build a larger field, the power lines start to condition.

See the pics and blueprints attached to check the details.

I'll be glad to contribute to one of the online workshops if it is of help to you.

We are one!


My first Magravs

Abby - Sat March 05th - United States

100% woman built by 55+ "disabled" person.

Magravs progress report

Abby - Sat March 05th - United States


81 counter clockwise turns for short 162 for the long using candy thermometer and screwdriver:

After a bath in KOH these coils got very black!:

Halloween Gans a week later natural color and stirred with bronze:

Closeup of blue Cupric Oxide in KOH solution:

Editor note: Images below are generated automatically and are the same as those above.

Peace conference


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