Blueprint Constructions: People's Creations

KF Austria Magrav Plasma Generator

Jo Seifried - Thu August 18th - Austria

KF Austria Magrav Plasma Generator replication experiment

Magravs Power Unit from Greece

Ioannis Kokkinidis - Wed August 17th - Thessaloniki, Greece

My name is Ioannis from Thessaloniki Greece, this is my power unit now coming towards the end of the conditioning process..!

Star Configuration MAGRAV

Michel Chatelain - Wed August 17th - Quebec, Canada

I am Michel Chatelain a frenchman from Quebec Canada.
For several years now I have been working on special devices...

I have retired in last October, and now I am working full time on fine tuning my ideas.
I am very gratefull for Mr. Keshe's info. That helped me alot to complete my latest device.

I am sharing with you the completion of a star configuration MAGRAV.
It is a 5 stack device.

In the end of last October I started mounting a magrav system on a Vector Equilibrium.
The next VE I will build will be a 9 stack.

Here are the pictures of my magrav...
Bless you

How to Make a Keshe Health Pen

Michael Wilcox - Fri May 13th - England

Hello from the UK.
I have tested many designs and really happy with this one. Cheap and easy to make.
Excellent results in relieving pain all over the body.
Thank you Mr Keshe.
Kind regards, Michael Wilcox

Q24 with Swarovski crystal on top

Abby Jo Ovitsky - Thu May 05th - Oregon, USA

Abby writes:
"24 circular battery-capacitors, 4 on each of a six sided glass cube.
The center core is six aluminum foil cones held in place with copper wire and 14K gold filled wire 1/2 and 1/2.
The rest is wired with 14 AWG copper wire.
Completed April 26, 2016, exactly six months to the day that I began watching Mr. Keshe!"

Surpent Magrav from Japan

Narihito Miura - Sat April 23rd - Japan

I've made a Magrav power unit.
Display name is "Surpent".
This unit made from Japan.

Thank you.
Narihito Miura.

Video link (You Tube)

Health Helmet

Rodrigo Vildosola - Wed April 06th - Rainier, Washington

Dr Rodrigos sends detailed pictures of his Health Helmet configuration.

Experimental Time Machine

Vic Tanev - Mon April 04th - Sydney, NSW, Australia

Only Experimental Time Machine

Please see/download document file here: Time Machine Document

It works--100% woman built

Abby - Thu March 31st - Aloha, Oregon

Dear Keshe Foundation:

It works--100% woman built

I am willing to teach in Hebrew. I don't travel much and can't use Zoom but I can make Hebrew videos and answer questions in Hebrew.

Shalom, Salaam.

Rev. Abby Jo

Peace Crystal Star Formation

Mariusz Ferenc - Thu March 31st -

Peace Crystal Star Formation

Give Peace Another Chance

Abby - Thu March 31st - Aloha, Oregon

Dear Keshe Foundation:

46.7% savings in electricity.
More tactile response.
New video. Give Peace Another Chance

Praying for PEACE.
Expecting nothing in return other than PEACE.

Shalom, Salaam.

Rev. Abby Jo

HBPT's Conditioning Calendar

Heather Bryant - Thu March 31st -


I came up with this calendar to keep me organized with the conditioning process. i also have and xl sheet for tracking each day i will clean up to send. I followed the official manual on the foundation website in attempt to put this together. please provide any suggested input/ additions and i can change easy. I did post it on Facebook with the same info…a work in progress asking for input and changes. Mike marko also looked at it. i have received several comments i will look at also. I also o have a conscious conditioning sheet. ( ideas on how to connect /interact with the unit in etheric/telepathic/energetic ways)

Get the file here HBPT's Conditioning Calendar Document

My New Magrav

David Giraldo - Thu March 31st - Colombia

Show you my new Magrav from Colombia

A Child's Garden of Magravs

Mark Erb - Thu March 31st - Alexandria, Virginia

Stacker 1 with old type plasma battery.

Stacker 2 with old type plasma battery.

Stacker 3 with old type plasma battery.

Four Health Wand

Mika Iceland - Thu March 31st - Poland

This is my solution about Health Pen - named Health Wand of Mammy Gaja.

This is four Health Wand with Mummio - Shilajit (from Kakukaz Mountain) and Cannabis oil Core , with 3 Nano Copper coils and 2 natural coils - Bee Wax and natural coconut oil . Iiside with crystals and stones from Karpaty Mountains named : Tatry. Wand is elastic - dedicated from all people , aspecially for drivers with health prostate - cancer and lumbar spine problems.

Design and idea is inspirated from art of Weta Workshop - Richard Taylor , "LOTR" movie pictures of Peter Jackson , dravings John Howe and Allan Lee and Elfish Art ... nature , tree ...

From Polish Mountains.

Peace conference


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