Pictures of the Keshe Magravs device creation

Cori and Anaya - Mon February 22nd - Calgary, Alberta, Canada

To The Keshe Foundation!! Thank you all so much for all the ongoing support and information which has made this possible.

The following is our progress report on our creation of the Plasma Device. We have built 5 stackers and many capacitors so far and are wanting to start on a 5 stacker now. We have one in a home and two in cars with plans for the other two also in homes. We are Cori Ellingson and Anaya Lea, based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Two weeks sfter the unit was installed in our friend's home, we could see by using the non contact circuit tester, that the field around the wires of the house grew from 6 inches to 18 inches and we could see the field advancing from room to room. Also, the field around the unit began at 6 inches and grew to 2.5 to 3 feet. This has been very exciting to observe.

These pictures tell the story of our creation of the plasma devices for homes, cars and health.

Picasa web album

Video of stripping the copper wire:

Winding the copper coils:

Testing the field at the house where the first device was installed:

Many Blessings of Peace
Cori and Anaya


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