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Abby - Sat March 05th - United States

Link: WikiNut article

Link: Halloween Gans

(Cu, Ag, Au, Mg, I, sugar, distilled water, dead sea salt, about 100 grams so far)

I have made 12 coils to produce 3 double rings (stack). The long coils are 162 turns. The short coils are 81 turns. They are very dark black after soaking 36 hours, first 24 hours in NaOH now 18 hours in KOH and I will post photos and send them to this address if you like.

I would like to make a second ganz before I choose a coating for my coils. I did use 14 gauge bare dead soft wire. I did twist counterclockwise. I did it by hand not with a drill. I used a candy timer shaft and a screwdriver.

Gans 2 will have: nanocoated Cu and Pb (lead), Zn (zinc), W (tungsten), Au (gold) also in the caustic to get as many nano Au particles as possible. Gold wire is on the way and will be added to the electrode. All of those elements are above Cu except Mg and Zn used as anodes to make the battery that makes plasma/gans. I will continue to search for small samples of heavy non radioactive metals I can make complex ganses with, if I understand this is one area of mutual interest.

So I am at the stage here before assembly because I have not put a first gans coat on the coils or assembled them and it will take perhaps a week to get that far. I have everything else I need to build a battery, a generator, capacitors, and small items like water bottles. I also made a small bracelet, the potential to make "jewelry that heals" is there.

I enjoy the lectures and hope it's more than poetic inspiration. I can say that I have not been hungry for food since I began this magrav plasma adventure. It feeds me. I also have very interesting dreams full of new people. So that's something!

I was born the same year as M.T. Keshe, in 1958, in Los Angeles but I grew up in Haifa, Israel and for awhile in Honolulu, Hawaii. We seem to be on the same channel for the past 2 weeks.

Blessings from Aloha,

Rev. Abby Jo


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