Magravs radio show

Tomasz Dubij - Thu February 18th - London, UK


My name i i was born in Poland and live in and I am owner of small Independent internet radio operating in Polish language Also i do my own Magrav and health pens for my friends and start build small community to deliver that much pens and magravs how this is possible. Together with my friend we close now to start small Magraw production line here in London.

I'm fully lost in Keshe foundation technology. They stolen my heart and mind.
I was made 2 podcast to promote this technology 3 month ago. Feedback from listeners was amazing and because 2 years ago i was made series of podcast about free energy, where i'm talk a lot of about Keshe Foundation and other technology what we call free energy technology things. Series name is "Synteza" witch mind "Synthesis" in English. Link to podcast:

The current episodes [Both episodes are in Polish: Editor] Polishabout Keshe Foundation:

And now is time to me spread the knowledge to Polish in full scale because it lacks of translations and many people are confuse, and they dont get what is about this story. Just now got bunch of emails from many people with many questions. So it's time for me share the knowledge with all my listeners. With is around between 20.000 and 30.000 people monthly and still growing.

Of course i got strange emails after when first podcast about this technology was published. "Someone" try persuade me to don't do this, even tried hack radio chat and website without any success. Was funny observe how "system" works and tried to stop me to share this knowledge.

Any way, they only speed up my decision about start new series of podcast dedicated to Keshe Foundation technology. And i would like to inform Foundation about this new show coming soon in polish language. I start in next Thursday on 21:30 UK time.

Buy the way I'm the guy who done this drawing about how to connect Magraw coil and now i like to do more drawings, about pens, capacitors and generally about all system. Just to help share knowledge to others in visual way.

So i will start new podcast in next week, gonna be big fun :)

A big thanks to Mr. Keshe and every one from Foundation.
Is just amazing got this opportunity! Thank you guys!
We are all working on this together.

With Peace & Love
Tomasz Dubij


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