Mini Magrav

Marcel Kuesters - Mon February 22nd - Germany

Hello Mr. Keshe,

we have talked in the 94 Knowledge Seekers Workshop about my Magrav and then speak about my coil designs for a mini Magrav.

Here are pictures of the measurement of my Magrav.

Here i did connect a 10W Bulb for 2 Day:

This is my heater with 400, 800, 1200W:

Here you can see my setup for measuring the difference in consumption, a heater before the Magrav and a bulb and heater after the Magrav. I save 10%.

Here i did connect my Magrav to all my device in my office (PC, Printer, Sound etc.)

My first try to build a plasma battery.
and see if it will nanocoat my wires in the next month.

Here are a new design of my Mini Magrav. The coils are only examples, because i am a shift worker so i have not to much time to build every time the complete coils.

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