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Magravs unit in conditioning phase

Jon Bliven - Thu February 18th - United States

My unit is in the conditioning phase:

Plasma battery

Nazim Aksu - Thu February 18th - United States

Here is a video of the plasma battery showing 1.2V:

Magravs v3.1

Olaf C.J. Friedl - Wed February 17th - St. Konrad, Austria

I finished building another MAGRAV today. The Version v3.1. This one has the inner coils turned 90°. You can see all the details in my video with following pictures and descriptions. (All in English without safety goggles J)

My first Magravs unit

Edoardo Dynys - Wed February 17th - North Carolina

This is my first Magravs unit. Just beginning testing.

Auto insulation stripper and coiler improved

Emilio Cinelli II - Tue February 16th - Taiwan


I am Emilio Cinelli II from Taiwan.

I have submitted photos and videos before. Today I would like to submit an improvement on my previous design of an "Auto Insulation Stripper and Coiler" with some of my coils.

Hey y'all! This is an auto insulation-stripper and coiler. It is my 3rd version of this device. I hope this can help those who want to produce many coils quickly and easily. I find it to work best for small workshops or home/community factories for its ease of use, low cost, mobility, and "customizability." Also, it can be adjusted for heights of even the tallest people down to a man sitting in a chair.

There will be more to come, soon! Thanks and may peace be with you all.
Emilio Cinelli II

Home Magravs

Mariusz Ferenc - Thu February 11th - Poland

This is Magravs connectet in my house for 10days. I connected to Magravs (behind Magravs) a resistive load 250watt and I forgot that I connected it and came back after about 5 hours to disconnect it. The Magravs changed color to dark violet shiny like.

Magravs in Portugal

Pedro Santos Silva - Thu February 11th - Portugal

First Magravs

Krow Rideout - Thu February 11th -

Built first Magravs. It's pluged in and working. Used 4inch pvc on outer shell. Coragated plastic sheet for the coils to sit on. Used 1 inch and 3 / 4 inch pvc cuplers for the spacing with gans containers in the center......can't wait for the spooky stuff to start...Yee-ha.

Magravs with splice plasma connectors

Angelo Daul - Fri February 05th - Romania

Hello, my name is Angelo Daul, i am from Romania and i build the 3-rd Magravs unit, this one is for the Keshe foundation Romania with new connections with plasma splices/connectors.
This is the link from my photo album on the Romanian facebook group. Thanks for sharing.

Bless you all.

Magravs projects

Willy Østli(oestli) - Fri February 05th - Eastern Norway

Posted by Willy Østli on Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Swedish Magravs power

Peter - Sun January 31st - Sweden

Hi , this is my reactor with 4 plasmacaps in parallell.

Belgian Magravs power

Rudy Albrecq (Fox Kaine) - Sun January 31st - Belgium

Plasma vortex?

Brian Crothers - Sun January 31st - Alberta, Canada

Sharing an interesting vortex observed in GaNs. Also my volt field indicator pen goes off with this.

Nano-coated stand for coils and batteries

Mark E - Sat January 30th - Alexandria, Virginia, United States

Novel Nano-coated stand for base coils and plasma batteries:

New prototype stacker plates

Gil Rasmussen - Sat January 30th - Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

l have developed these stacker plates to overcome some of the problems of holding the coils set in the right shape and the right position to each other and not touching each other so this hopefully will do the job. When these plates are made of plastic and using plastic threaded rod, nut's and washers ect then the whole frame can be nano coated. LOL


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