Auto insulation stripper and coiler improved

Emilio Cinelli II - Tue February 16th - Taiwan


I am Emilio Cinelli II from Taiwan.

I have submitted photos and videos before. Today I would like to submit an improvement on my previous design of an "Auto Insulation Stripper and Coiler" with some of my coils.

Hey y'all! This is an auto insulation-stripper and coiler. It is my 3rd version of this device. I hope this can help those who want to produce many coils quickly and easily. I find it to work best for small workshops or home/community factories for its ease of use, low cost, mobility, and "customizability." Also, it can be adjusted for heights of even the tallest people down to a man sitting in a chair.

There will be more to come, soon! Thanks and may peace be with you all.
Emilio Cinelli II


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