Four Health Wand

Mika Iceland - Thu March 31st - Poland

This is my solution about Health Pen - named Health Wand of Mammy Gaja.

This is four Health Wand with Mummio - Shilajit (from Kakukaz Mountain) and Cannabis oil Core , with 3 Nano Copper coils and 2 natural coils - Bee Wax and natural coconut oil . Iiside with crystals and stones from Karpaty Mountains named : Tatry. Wand is elastic - dedicated from all people , aspecially for drivers with health prostate - cancer and lumbar spine problems.

Design and idea is inspirated from art of Weta Workshop - Richard Taylor , "LOTR" movie pictures of Peter Jackson , dravings John Howe and Allan Lee and Elfish Art ... nature , tree ...

From Polish Mountains.


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