Blueprint Constructions: People's Creations

Completed Plasma power Unit and testing

Sousan Alexander - Tue November 17th - Phoenix Arizona, USA

Here is my interpretation of Plasma power Unit. Thank you Leith Painter for sending me the update schematic, I use configuration 4 for this unit.

1- Video 1
2- Video 2
3- Video 3

Pictures/videos from Sunny of KF Nigeria

Sunny Udosen - Mon November 16th - Uyo, Akwa Ibom State in Nigeria

Hello Keshe Foundation
This is Sunny Udosen, from Keshe Foundation Nigeria,
We stay at Uyo, Akwa Ibom State in Nigeria.

Blueprint teaching

Gil Rasmussen - Mon November 16th - Gold Coast Queensland Australia

​This is where I am up to it took some time to get the right size wire.

Coil Fabrication with Automatic Spacing

Jeffrey Russell - Mon November 16th - Bossier City, LA USA

Technology Upgrade for Keshe Magravs coils

Facebook link

My video on Magravs build progress.

Mike Roddha - Sat November 14th - London, UK

My Laboratory

Lukas Kisza - Fri November 13th - Czech Republic

Just want to share few pictures for you to know, that in our team we are intensely working on Magrav power unit...

Progress with my system

Tyler Morgan - Fri November 13th - USA

I have been working along on the project and wanted to share what i have done so far.

Our nano coating process with varieties

Sybell Adora Udema and Maarten Udema - Thu November 12th - Baarn, the Netherlands

We will be making the magrav unit and health pens ( and health patches). Me and my husband Maarten Udema have been nano coating for a week and his time nano another coating process was done by using many herbs and essential oils. The ingredients are:
Cannabis bud
St. John's wort
White sage
Cassia Angustifolia
Nigella Sativa
Fresh cayenne pepper
Cinnamon stick
Organic and fresh turmeric, ginger, rosemary, basilicum, mint,
Organic garlic and lemon peels
Goji berries
●●●Essential oils::: Lavender oil, ylang ylang, eucalyptus, peppermint, rosemary, jojoba oil
■■■Oils : Hemp oil, sesame oil

The unit setting up

Dan Hotos - Tue November 10th - Kiev, Ukraine


Building my own Magravs

Michel Ottink - Mon November 09th - Netherlands

 I'm building since last week my own Magravs reactor.

Magravs Energy Development

George Mwangi - Mon November 09th - Nairobi, Kenya

Here is how far we have come with the development of the Magravs systems.

Blueprint Setup

Brian and Tomas - Mon November 09th - USA


Test 2

Argo Vilberg - Mon November 09th -  

KM automatic strip and coil production

Pythagoras - Mon November 09th - The Netherlands

The making of the Magravs coils

Leeda Safa - Sun November 08th - Kauai, Hawaii


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