Blueprint Constructions: People's Creations

Blueprint Lesson 4

Keshe Foundation Development - Mon December 07th - Italy

Lesson 4

Day 1 === 888 infinity

Gil Bustos - Sat December 05th - Angeles City


My First Magravs

Cleve Kumnick - Sat December 05th -   

Picture 1 Caustic bath to begin Nano Coating. I now pre-heat with gas torch
Picture 2 Capacitors. Painted the Baking Paper with GaNS. Let dry, rolled up easy.
Picture 3 Making GaNs from Copper Sulphate ore (wrapped in coil of nano wire) + nano Cu plate.
Picture 4 Temp connection to car, while I make more GaNs. The battery hasn't been used in 18 months and doesn't hold a charge...yet. Hoping the Plasma flow will repair. Will let know in a week or 2.

Magravs build

Tony Pearson - Sat December 05th - IPSWICH, QLD. AUSTRALIA

My build has just been completed. It’s power up without sparks and has output. Now conditioning house wiring.
It was built using 5mm and 9mm formers for coils using 1.6mm wire. Has 4 input capacitors across the active and neutral wires, no capacitors around the unit as I hope to cascade it.
I modified the coils to the new spec of 144 and 81. My coils are nanocoated using the caustic process.

Felicità 3rd Run

Emilio Cinelli II - Wed December 02nd - Taiwan

I would like to add a few follow-ups to my MAGRAV Power Unit.
First of all, I named it Felicità. Which means "Happiness" or "Blissfulness" in Italian, because that was what I felt when handling the nano coated coils.

Here are some pictures, and a video made today, as it got activated

Did I just create gold from nano particles?

Ali Sharifzadeh - Tue December 01st - Vancouver Bc, Canada

Beautiful Rainbow Color Nano coat happened!

Ali Sharifzadeh - Tue December 01st - Vancouver Bc, Canada

I was nano coating with heat wor new 144 and 81 coil winding while the ohm meter was running currents through the coils, the results is an astounding colorful nano coated rainbow color see video below:

New 144 81 Coil Winding

Ali Sharifzadeh - Tue December 01st - Vancouver Bc, Canada

Here is my new video:
New 144 81 Coil Winding , Heat nano Coating with torch and ohm meter

Operating Stacker!

Mark Erb - Sun November 22nd - Alex Virginia, USA

Here are two follow-on videos:

Keshe Magravs Power Unit (1. Prototype)

Max Begré - Sat November 21st - Lindau / ZH Switzerland

My first Magravs Power Unit Prototyp put on to the GRID

Health Pen Review

Will Kopf - Thu November 19th - New Jersey, USA

Here is a review with my link to YouTube.

New sets of coils, infinity loop, gans

Ali Sharifzadeh - Wed November 18th - Vancouver Bc, Canada

My new sets of coils also Infinity loop, would be great to ask Mr Keshe to see for what applications an infinity loop can be used for? (levitation? ) (super fields?) attached a diagram of the connection.

Here is a video of me experimenting with Plasma batteries. The design/output can definitely improve just to show the voltage and amperage as experiment.

My power unit

Lee Coates - Wed November 18th - Calgary, Alberta Canada

Here is the video showing my plasma power unit:

Magravs progress pics for blueprint day

Gisela Spencer - Wed November 18th - Silver City New Mexico, USA

Here's some pics for blueprint class of my goings so far. thanks for all the great helpful videos. Gisela

Final GANS Coat video

Mark Erb - Tue November 17th - Alex Virginia, USA


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