Blueprint Constructions: People's Creations

Magrav Vídeos

Filipe Saisse - Thu October 27th - Brazil

Vídeo 1

Vídeo 2

Vídeo 3

Vídeo 4

Vídeo 5

Vídeo 6

Vídeo 7

Vídeo 8

Vídeo 9

Vídeo 10

Vídeo 3 magrav 2

Filipe Saisse

Health data of Gans by using the thermometer

KF Vietnamese Group - Thu October 27th - Vietnam

Open-source pdf file for more detailed explanation, with graphs and charts (Vietnamese version):

Thanks to Võ Hồng Quý for having the idea of applying the method of Vietnamse herbalist, doctor Lê Văn Sửu, into Gans technology; and it is our wish that anyone of us now can easily test it and make the best use of its results to benefit our health.¬if_t=group_comment_reply

Thank you Mr. Keshe and all the associates!
Much blessings,

KF Vietnamese Group

Experiment to create free plasma

Mark Erb - Thu October 27th - Alexandria, Virginia

Ping pong ball spinning in stacker submerged in GANS/GANS water.

Spinning with router (to 22,000 rpm.)

Not on battery (perhaps that was the problem?)

Test plasma flow with my home made health pen

Castellazzi Massimiliano - Thu October 13th - Italy

Castellazzi Massimiliano
From Italy

Test plasma flow with my home made health pen and my Rotorgon device..

Castellazzi Massimiliano


Miguel Podestá - Thu October 13th - CHILE

Dear Mr Keshe and Team,

I recently finished my first magrav car unit and installed it in my car, after the first test drive i can feel that the car has extra power and the fuel consumption droped about 30%. During the fabrication process i made many mistakes, eg. gans not pure some mixed with oxide, coils not sure if i assembled in the same direccion, when connecting the wires of the coils i accidently cut one off so i just connected another piece of wire to it, etc. Even with all these mistakes, the unit still works. I now started on my second unit for the house.

Thank You Mr keshe and Team.

Best Regards,

Miguel Podestá

Double-Core Reactor Replication

Justin Smith - Sun October 02nd -

"I'd really love to be doing this for a living instead of roofing!" Justin Smith
Double-Core Reactor Replication

Everlasting Meadow Battery

Fransje Bik​ - Tue September 06th - France

Dear Mr. Keshe and team members,

Since three weeks I have a everlasting meadow battery to keep my animals inside the meadow.
It gives a lot of electricity and I made a video for you to share.

Thank you,
kind regards,
Fransje Bik​

Report from Austria Research Group

Klaus Priller - Sat August 27th - Austria

Report on a Generator Design from Austria Research Group:

"Report on Generator: Both compressors have capacitors and a relays as PTC. Additionally, we added a thermostat, simulating the fridge and its continuous switching. So the compressor A switches on/off and there is a voltage drop between A and B. We start the system with an isolating transformer. Nevertheless, the system does not run in offgrid mode."

Greetings, Klaus

Thorbjorn's Replication

Thorbjorn Morstad - Fri August 26th - Oslo, Norway

Thorbjorn's replication of the Magrav Generator.
He says, "This is a device that is not connected to the grid. Thats the revolution we where waiting for. Now, we only need to adjust the europeen from the american example :) Many countries, with the KF is working to find the solution"

Pond Pump - Generator Tests

Kurt L. - Thu August 25th - Mid Michigan USA

I attended Cary Kirastar Ellis' Keshe class this weekend in Grand Rapids Michigan and have been working on the pump-generator. Attached is information I wanted to share. Feel free to post these as you like.
Kurt L
Mid Michigan USA
Teslatoo on Skype

Thank you

Emotional Cascading Formation

Niklas Meckelnborg - Thu August 25th - Germany

Hello! I'm Niklas Meckelnborg from Germany, and I built an emotional kascading system.
The picture shows the structure without batteries. Configuration is as follows:

Top core: normal Magrav energyunit core turned 90°; coated with AuO² and AgO² / three seewater-gans batteries (parallel)
Center magrav: normal Magrav unit (flat); coated with CH³(top) CO²(middle) and CuO²(bottom) / three seawater-gans batteries (parallel)
Bottom cores: normal Magrav energy unit core turned 90°; coated with seawater gans /
first core: three seawater-gans + CH³ batteries (parallel)
second core: three seawater-gans + CO² with aminoacids (parallel, but 2 cells series)
third core: three seawater-gans + CuO² (parallel, but 3 cells series)

After meditating and arranging the cores exactly in formation I have felt the "field bubble" with a "field bubble" in the middle and found myself in it. Its hard to explain but I think people would call it conscious astral travel, that is possible with the field kascading effect.
My experience was that I could not leave the boundary of the earth, but used it sucssesfully for telepathic communication with people.

As I could not stand still and be happy with it I did not manage to replicate my first experience with this. Maybe someone could improve it!

Thank you alot for your work!
Niklas Meckelnborg

Replacement Compressors in Magrav Generator

Cao Yanan - Wed August 24th - China

"It is expected to replace the compressor. We tested the off-grid power systems, we are unable to activate, you know which way to activate the system ?"
Cao Yanan

Gans creation with visible magrav field

Mosulet Ion-Marin - Fri August 19th - Bucharest, Romania

My name is Mosulet Ion-Marin
I'm from Bucharest, Romania

I've just started my first Gans production and would like to share.
The first thing that i noticed was that a visible magrav field was forming (like a shield barrier) that seems to come from the center of the box


Here are some images after 8 hours:

Here are some images after 16 hours:

And lastly some images after 24 hours:

And some videos:

Thank you

KF Austria Magrav Plasma Generator

Jo Seifried - Thu August 18th - Austria

KF Austria Magrav Plasma Generator replication experiment

Magravs Power Unit from Greece

Ioannis Kokkinidis - Wed August 17th - Thessaloniki, Greece

My name is Ioannis from Thessaloniki Greece, this is my power unit now coming towards the end of the conditioning process..!

Peace conference


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