Car Magravs photos after 3 weeks

Mariusz Ferenc - Wed January 27th - Poland

This Magravs was connected to Volvo truck for 3 weeks, about 8000km drive with Magravs. For the three weeks the outside temperature were negative, up to minus 15. Winter time in Poland, This January 2016. For the 3 weeks the fuel consumption didnt decrease but it didnt increase too, keeping in mind that it is winter time and negative temperatures. Usually cars consume more fuel winter time. The color of the Magravs changed completely. Now it is dark violet shiny like.

By the way, this Magrav was not connected directly to Plus of the battery. It was connected to the Plus Point which is at front of the car. The battery is at the back of the cabin, near fuel tank. Magrav was connected to Plus but in different Point. From what we understand, in this case it was Battery - Load - MaGrav - Load.

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