Olaf C.J. Friedl - Thu March 31st -

Dear Mr. Keshe & team!

I'd like to share my latest creations with you based on your technologies.

1. New capacitors
The new capacitors do create a magnetic and gravitational field. 2 connected coils of each 18 turns clockwise and counterclockwise. You can see the making of on the pics/blueprints.

An almost empty block battery of 9 V has been totally recharged within 8 mins by three of these capacitors.

Further I connected a capacitor with an AC/DC plug and put that combination into an empty socket to speed up the coating of our house's power supply lines.
The MaGravs build a larger field, the power lines start to condition.

See the pics and blueprints attached to check the details.

I'll be glad to contribute to one of the online workshops if it is of help to you.

We are one!



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