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Car Magravs photos after 3 weeks

Mariusz Ferenc - Wed January 27th - Poland

This Magravs was connected to Volvo truck for 3 weeks, about 8000km drive with Magravs. For the three weeks the outside temperature were negative, up to minus 15. Winter time in Poland, This January 2016. For the 3 weeks the fuel consumption didnt decrease but it didnt increase too, keeping in mind that it is winter time and negative temperatures. Usually cars consume more fuel winter time. The color of the Magravs changed completely. Now it is dark violet shiny like.

By the way, this Magrav was not connected directly to Plus of the battery. It was connected to the Plus Point which is at front of the car. The battery is at the back of the cabin, near fuel tank. Magrav was connected to Plus but in different Point. From what we understand, in this case it was Battery - Load - MaGrav - Load.

Best regards

My Magravs vs Orgonites

Pedro Santos Silva - Wed January 20th - Portugal


Prototype stacker plate

Gil Rasmussen - Wed January 20th - Australia

This stacker plate prototype was inspired by the 94th KSW for the space ship reactors. I am hoping this plate will lock the coils into the right shape position and distance apart when set up in the 3 stacker frame. My only concern is the bottom half of the vertical inner coil being in tombed by the housing. My question, will this affect the inner coils prof romance in the system? I have plans to make a silicon mould to replicate these shapes in polyurethane.​ I will need 15 sets to make a star ship. regards Gil. LOL.

Our Magravs story

Peter van den Oetelaar - Sun January 10th - Netherlands

All updates will be published as we go along.


Olaf C.J. Fried - Fri January 08th - Austria  

Dear all!

My name is Olaf C.J. Friedl, I’m coming from St. Konrad, Austria.
With joy I’m sending you the Link to my video presenting my 1st Magravs which I connected to the grid yesterday evening:

Following the 2nd Link you can see how I produced the components of my Magravs:

Thank you so much to Mr. Keshe and the whole team!! We are one!

Best regards,



jxli - Fri January 08th - China


Magravs test Poland

Mariusz - Thu January 07th - Poland

Selfmade Magravs finished, transparent design

Arthofer Andreas - Wed January 06th - Austria

I have finished my Magravs, I made it as transparent as possible so people can see everything. Put a lot of work and love into it ;). Thanks again to all of you!

Fire nano coating with instructions

Arthofer Andreas - Sun December 13th - Austria

I made a video for the nano coating by fire process with english and german instructions in close up and HD and fast forward parts. I have also used a special made MAGRAV copper coil where you have only 1 connection left to do (instead of 3). I think it will help some people. You can use it for whatever you want.

Building and connecting my second Magravs

Angelo Daul - Thu December 10th - Romania

I finished building my second Magravs unit with the new specifications and I am glad to share some pictures with you.


Jacqueline V. Rein - Thu December 10th - Germany

From end october this year a was totaly inspired by Mr. Keshe.
So I build a Magrav.

Magravs Unit

Kevin Kovarbasic - Thu December 10th - Germany

Here's my Magravs Unit it's working now for 3 days. I put today the light on. But in the 3 days i must put it off to change the capaticor wiring.

Blueprint Lesson 1

Keshe Foundation Development - Mon December 07th - Italy

Lesson 1

Blueprint Lesson 2

Keshe Foundation Development - Mon December 07th - Italy

Lesson 2

Blueprint Lesson 3

Keshe Foundation Development - Mon December 07th - Italy

Lesson 3


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